Ms.Divya Srikanth (Grade 6 parent) about her pyp reading time experience.

“Today my day had a great start. I got the first reading slot for the 3rd grade kids. They were all looking very fresh and active and were eagerly waiting for me after arranging their class and seating themselves. Once I entered I was greeted with a very happy good morning wish. First thing they wanted to know was whose mom I am? Little chitchat to introduce myself and then the story started.

I can’t say it was jus a reading session. I did reading, narrating and animating all way through. I was surprised to see that the kids could understand most of the words and were very sharp and smart. They were interactive and asked a lot of questions and I was amazed at their theory behind some scenes.

On the whole it was a throughly enjoyable and unique experience. The first thing I did once I got back home was to fix one more slot. It’s addictive….. waiting to have some more such wonderful time with these little munchkins.”

Reading time joy